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Hey there! I'm Denise.


You know what? I used to work in a cubicle. I hated my job, but at least I HAD a job, so I kept going. I drove to work every day thinking about how much I hated my job. I drove home every day feeling the same way.


I wondered... WHY AM I HERE?

I asked because I didn’t know what else to do.

I asked and I started to notice something very interesting happen at the job I hated.

I was presented with opportunities to help people that I worked with. Not my customers, but my co-workers! I had recently learned about pressure points to relieve headache pain, and one of my co-workers was complaining of a headache, so I offered to show her.

She tried it and... IT WORKED!

I began to notice the deep desire in my heart to help people feel better, and I put my attention on learning how to do just that. You know what else I did?

I listened. I realized that I had a very helpful little voice that guided me when I worked on people. I began to see that this was something I WAS here to do, and the more I pursued it, the better I felt. I became a licensed therapist!

Today, I don’t work in a cubicle, I work in two wellness offices in beautiful healing rooms where I help people JUST LIKE YOU find their best feeling selves.

I believe we all deserve to feel good, and I am devoted to supporting you.

I offer a signature session I like to call “Body Balancing”. I’ll tell you this, it’s different every time because I let your body tell me exactly what it needs and I go from there. I would love for you to experience it!

With all of the highest healing intention, peace and love, and pie, (that’s for Andrea),


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